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VIRGO Season for the 12 Signs (Digital)

The Allma Project

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Digital/Printable 4-week Virgo New Moon Journal + Virgo Season Workbook designed to be used by anyone. Full of introspective journaling questions, self-assessing, and reprogramming activities, inspirational articles and practical information to make the best of this Virgo Season + New Moon born in Virgo.

Divided in 4 weeks / themes: 1. reprogram 2. reclaim 3. release 4. reflect: each week/theme channels the current Moon’s phase and focuses respectively on reprogramming intentions, plans, and strategies; reclaiming/recognizing your power and that of Virgo; releasing old/toxic beliefs, paradigms, and patterns; and reflecting on the blessings and lessons obtained during this time.

Are you ready to fall in love one more time with magic, the cosmos, your own self and your own life?


  • The Sky This Season
  • Your Vision
  • Virgo: Results, Not Excuses
  • From Leo to Virgo
  • Virgo, The Virgin and The Garden of Eden
  • Apothecary for Virgo Season
  • Crystals for Virgo Season
  • Lunar Mood Tracker
  • Week 1: Re-Program – new goals and intentions, manifestation, deadlines.
  • Manifesting With the Heart
  • Your Daily Manifesto
  • New Moon in Virgo Journal
  • Week 2: Reclaim – body positivity, your achievements + gifts, Virgo influences in your life, beating self-doubt and limiting paradigms.
  • Week 3: Release (Full Moon) – what you want to let go, full moon questions, re-programming hurtful/unpleasant events, forgiving.
  • Week 4: Reflect – abandoned dreams and plans, Virgo season gratitude, self-assessment.
  • Pending Inspiration for the upcoming Libra Season

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