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The BFF Bundle

The Allma Project

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The Ultimate Tarot & Astrology Experience, for Two:

​60-min* video session, divided in:

  • One individual 20-min tarot reading for you and one for your best friend (or sister, or bae). Total duration: 40-min average.
  • One 20-min astrological charts reading for two where we discuss your strengths together, areas of improvement, past lives and opportunities you can manifest together based on your birth charts.
  • Each of you gets a free digital copy of your Sun sign's upcoming workbook. So fetch!

Extremely limited availability.
*All video calls are scheduled between Jan 2nd and Jan 9th.


  • * The duration of the session is average. It will be a minimum of 60 mins, but my readings are known to be a little longer. Expect it to be somewhere between 70-80 mins.
  • You and your BFF don't need to have your cameras on, but I will be on video at all time and you will see the cards shuffling.
  • You and your BFF don't need to be in the same place for the session. The videocall can be for 3 people (myself included). You will see (and will be encouraged to react) to her/his reading, and she/he will see yours (and will most likely want to participate as well!). It will be as if going to a see tarotist together, except it's done via video! Isn't that fun?
  • Each of you will get a digital copy of your Sun Sign season workbook on the release date as an early birthday gift. More info on my For The 12 Signs workbooks here. Optionally, you can choose the current season's edition: Capricorn.