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Special LOVE 60-Min Tarot Session

Miguel Allma

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  • Astrological + Intuitive insight to explore who you are in love, what you want and what you need.
  • Gypsy Celtic Cross reading to see where you are at right now, what you're leaving behind" and "what's coming your way".
  • Venus transits during the next 12 months and how it will affect you.
  • Astrological + Intuitive explanation of how your specific Moon sign affects your relationships and how to use her for your own benefit.
  • 3 specific questions. Bonus

Add-On ($ 22.22): Custom Love Release & Re-Birth in Love Ritual ​ * Session done via phone call, FaceTime or Skype Audio. You'll receive an e-mail with pics of your tarot spreads + notes and recommendations from me within an hour after our session is finished. If done via Skype Audio, a recording of your call can also be sent to you. ** Ritual delivered to you with your notes/photos e-mail. Custom ritual based on your natal chart, for which you'll be asked your date, time and location of birth at the time of booking.