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SAGITTARIUS Season for the 12 Signs (Printed)

The Allma Project

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52-page printed Sagittarius For The 12 Signs Workbook + Journal designed to be used by any of the 12 signs during 2019 Sagittarius Sun Season (Nov 22nd - Dec 21st) to help you harness the Sagittarius archetype energies of optimism, adventure, passion, generosity, empathy, and authenticity while working on your goals and intentions set during the Sagittarius New Moon; boosting them with the First Quarter Moon, a week later; releasing self-doubt, blockages and fear with the Full Moon, two weeks later; and reflecting on the end of the season, your gratitude and pending work to be done with the Last Quarter Moon, 3 weeks later.

This workbook is divided into 4 weeks/themes:

  1. reset (new moon)
  2. reclaim (first quarter)
  3. release (full moon)
  4. reflect (last quarter)

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  • The Sky This Season
  • Mini-articles "Ray of Light", "Sagittarius: Children of Jupiter" and "The Zodiac's Playmate" to help you familiarize with Sagittarius's energy.
  • Lunar Mood Tracker.
  • Apothecary for Sagittarius Season.
  • Crystals for Sagittarius Season.
  • Astrological information on how the Sagittarius New Moon will affect your houses (based on your birth chart).
  • Journaling sections for the New Moon in Sagittarius.
  • Exercises to set, boost and track goals and intentions with the Moon's phases.
  • Tarot Spread for the First Quarter Moon.
  • Journaling sections for the Full Moon in Gemini.
  • Your Daily Manifesto.
  • Weekly Check-ins.
  • Sagittarius Season Gratitude prompts.

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