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SCORPIO Season for the 12 Signs (Digital)

The Allma Project by Miguel Allma

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56-page Digital/Printable Scorpio For The 12 Signs workbook designed to be used by the 12 zodiac signs to work with the Scorpio archetype energies of mystery, psychic energies, darkness, vulnerability, and passion in your life during the 2019 Scorpio Sun Season (Oct 23rd - Nov 21st). This workbook is divided into 5 weeks/themes:

  1. rebirth (dark moon)
  2. re-program (new moon)
  3. reclaim (first quarter)
  4. release (full moon)
  5. reflect (last quarter)

Each week/theme channels the current Moon’s phase and focuses respectively on re-programming intentions, plans and strategies; reclaiming your power and that of Scorpio; releasing old beliefs, paradigms and patterns; and reflecting on the blessings and lessons obtained during this time. We've added an extra week called "Rebirth", exclusive to this edition, to work with Scorpio's "death & rebirth" energy as we celebrate both the All Hallow's Eve and Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festivals on Oct 31st.


  • The Sky This Season
  • How To Use This Workbook
  • Scorpio, Love & Sex
  • Children of Mars & Pluto: Scorpio
  • Apothecary for Scorpio Season
  • Crystals for Scorpio Season
  • Lunar Mood Tracker
  • Erikson's Intimacy Test
  • Your Daily Manifesto (Scorpio Edition)
  • New Moon in Scorpio Questionnaire
  • Full Moon in Taurus Questionnaire
  • Scorpio Season Gratitude
  • Upcoming Sagittarius Season Wishlist

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