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LIBRA Season for the 12 Signs (Digital)

The Allma Project by Miguel Allma

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50-page Digital/Printable Libra New Moon Journal + 4-week Workbook designed to be used by the 12 zodiac signs to work with the Libra archetype energies of beauty, pleasure, self-love, balance, chaos, overindulgence, and self-celebration in your life during 2019 Libra Sun Season (Sep-Oct).

This workbook is also synchronized with the 2019 Libra Season (Sep 23rd - Oct 22nd) divided in 4 weeks/themes: 1. re-program 2. reclaim 3. release 4. reflectEach week/theme channels the current Moon’s phase and focuses respectively on re-programming intentions, plans and strategies; reclaiming your power and that of Libra; releasing old beliefs, paradigms and patterns; and reflecting on the blessings and lessons obtained during this time.

Full of introspective journaling questions, rituals, self-assessing, and reprogramming activities, inspirational articles, crystals and apothecary for the season and practical information to make the best of the 4 weeks that Libra Season lasts plus the New Moon in Libra


  • The Sky This Season
  • How To Use This Workbook
  • How to Fucking Love Yourself
  • Children of Venus: Libra
  • Apothecary & Crystals for Libra Season
  • Lunar Mood Tracker
  • Your Body, Your Temple
  • Your Daily Manifesto (Libra Edition)
  • New Moon in Libra Questions/Journal
  • New Moon in Libra Magic: Themis Ritual
  • Goddess Like Your - Ritual
  • Checkin In with Your Body
  • Full Moon in Aries: Release x Fire
  • Libra Season Gratitude
  • Upcoming Scorpio Season Wishlist

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