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Natal Chart Session

The Allma Project

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Your Astrological Natal/Birth Chart decoded and explained to you like never before. What are your most defining traits? What did you bring from a previous life? Where and how can you attract more abundance? Where will you find (more) success? What awaits you in love? What are the best times for you to start new projects and ventures? These and more questions answered to you based on your astrological blueprint. We will look at your chart and go house by house, and planet by planet and explain to you all your traits, your tools at hand and possible obstacles + I will teach you how to work with future transits (ie New and Full Moons, Eclipses, and Retrogrades) in your Moon and different Houses. We will then create together an action plan for you based on your South and North Nodes of Destiny, and complement our session with prompts for you, and crystal recommendations based on your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs.

Choose from video or audio-only sessions via Zoom or Skype. "Natal Chart Sessions" last from 60 to 90 minutes. The session is recorded and sent to you. You will receive a Destiny Nodes Worksheet during our session, and we will complete it together.