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PISCES Season For The 12 Signs (Digital)

The Allma Project

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60-page Digital/Printable Pisces Season workbook + journal designed to be used by any of the 12 signs during 2020 Pisces Sun Season (Feb 19th - Mar 19th)Our Pisces Season Workbook is designed to be used by the 12 signs for the entirety of Pisces Season (–Mar 19th, 2020), we've pimped your favorite workbook, now including:

This workbook is divided into 4 weeks/themes:

  1. reset (new moon/solar eclipse)
  2. reclaim (first quarter)
  3. release (full moon/lunar eclipse)
  4. reflect (last quarter)


  • Journals for the Feb 23rd Pisces New Moon and the Mar 9th Virgo Full Moon.
  • Set financial, health and romantic goals using your astrological houses!
  • Revamped Crystals for Pisces Season, now curated by moon phase
  • Special Full Moon in Virgo tarot spread
  • Essential oils and Teas for Pisces Season
  • Our revamped Lunar Mood tracker
  • Exclusive mini-articles, extra guidance and videos.
  • New Moon in Pisces Meditation
  • Goals setting, boosting and weekly-tracking aligned to the Moon's phases.
  • Mantras based on your specific house activated by the New Moon