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Capricorn Season For the 12 Signs (Printed)

The Allma Project

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Printed Capricorn Season workbook + journal designed to be used by any of the 12 signs during 2019 Capricorn Sun Season (Dec 22nd - Jan 19th). Ruled by Saturn, Roman God of Time, Capricorn wants you to get 👏 things 👏 done and get your affairs in order before the new decade kicks off. Financial goals, career plans, budgets, and everything structure is Capri’s specialty, and he’s here to help you create your most ambitious and abundant year yet!

 Our Capricorn Season Workbook is our biggest and most complete issue so far! Designed to be used by the 12 signs for the entirety of Capricorn Season (–Jan 19th, 2020), we've pimped your favorite workbook, now including:

This workbook is divided into 4 weeks/themes:

  1. reset (new moon/solar eclipse)
  2. reclaim (first quarter)
  3. release (full moon/lunar eclipse)
  4. reflect (last quarter)


  • Journals for the Dec 26th Capricorn New Moon / Solar Eclipse and the Jan 10th Cancer Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse.
  • Set financial, health and romantic goals using your astrological houses! NEW
  • Prompts to improve your relationship with money NEW
  • Revamped Crystals for Capricorn Season, now curated by moon phase NEW
  • Special Full Moon in Cancer tarot spread NEW
  • Essential oils and Teas for Capricorn Season
  • Our revamped Lunar mood tracker
  • Empowering mini-articles "Capricorn: Ain't No Mountain High Enough", "Children of Saturn", and "New Decade, New Me".
  • Goals setting, boosting and weekly-tracking aligned to the Moon's phases.
  • 10 pages of gratitude prompts to reflect on the end of the year (and decade)!
  • Mantras based on your house activated by the Solar Eclipse

60+ pages of pure inspiration and empowerment to help you enter the new year focused, hyped, and with a great plan in hands designed by you (and your astrology!)

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