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Aries Season: A 4-Week Experience (Digital)

The Allma Project

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Our Aries Season Workbook is our biggest and most ambitious yet! Get yours in time for the March 24th New Moon in Aries. With Aries leading the way, we embark on a new 12-month journey of Reset, Reclaim, Release & Reflect with of each of the celestial archetypes from now through Pisces 2021! 

Now including access to a Resources Portal full of exclusive videos and audios to guide you and support you throughout the entirety of your 4-week Aries Season journey! During the next 4 weeks, you will learn about Aries, your 1st House, your Mars, the New Moon in Aries, and the Full Moon in Libra. This experience is designed for the 12 signs, not only Aries babes. We start this 4-week adventure on March 24th! 🚀

  • 1 Full-Color 48-page workbook + 1 B&W 20-page moon journal for the 3/24 ♈️ New Moon and 4/7 ♎️ Full Moon. Digital buyers get two separate PDFS for printing convenience.
  • Redesigned prompts to set goals and intentions with the Moon, House by House.
  • Enhanced Lunar Mood Tracker.
  • Astrological guidance and exercises for each of the Moon's phases.
  • Articles "Aries: Me, Myself & I", "Radical Self-Love", "Children of Mars", and "Your Mars".
  • Crystals, Rituals, and Apothecary for Aries Season.
  • Instant access to mobile-friendly Aries Resources Portal with curated videos and audio-guides for the next four weeks. The audio-guides are linked to your prompts and exercises.
  • New Moon in Aries Meditation included in Resources Portal.
  • Divided in four weeks, each week aligned to a different moon phase.
  • Over 60 pages of radically honest inner work, rituals, and inspiration.

Available as a Digital Download! Make sure to join us before the Aries New Moon on the 24th!